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[Editable Figma project] set of shows banner slideshow, search bar, embedded accommodation options, tour packages, and popular restaurants:
- Customers could use their account for accommodation searching, booking, making payment, reviewing booking for canceling, and refund claiming. After experiencing the services, customers could log in to leave a review.
- Regarding the merchant site, they have room to update statues, manage sale categories.

Items Included:
- Search feature with multi filters: location, types of tour, budget, duration.
- Tour listing: Image, Title, Destination, Duration, Pricing.
- Independent tour pages.
- Client Dashboard for booking management
- Merchant Dashboard: publish sale package, manage profile, contact.
- Merchant landing pages and Merchant set up pages.
- Dashboard for Merchant.
- Supper admin pages.
- FAQ pages: Topic, list of questions, and answers.

[Sources & Credits]
- Fonts: Poppins ( Google Fonts )
- Images: Unsplash
- Icon: Figma icon