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[Editable Figma project] We offer a full set of 15 app screens of featured delivery app, specialize in user apps. It contains interfaces for user login, placing orders, and tracking orders.

Idea description: If you are planning to launch a delivery service but still need more suggestions. Alternatively, you need to research how other rivals execute their UI design for their delivery app, including flow-control, elements, principal features, and more. Here is your destination.

Items Included:
1. Log-in/sign-up screen for user access
2. Profile management screen: Basic account setting with payment, notification, languages, and more.
3. Home Screen for finding preferred dishes and drinks
4. Search features
5. Individual store screen for showing information and menus of providers.
6. Order and Payment screen: for review and make payment.

[Sources & Credits]
- Fonts: SF Pro Display + Space Grotesk ( Google Fonts )
- Images: Unsplash
- Icon: Figma icon